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When we think of disinfectants the first thought is usually chemicals such as bleach. We expect disinfectants to be powerful agents that sterilise any area they are applied to.  It’s not the greenest sounding product out there,  but there's good news there are natural options that do the job as well if not better than their toxic counterparts.

The classic disinfectant is bleach. It’s popular because it works. For years it was recommended by all government bodies as a viable disinfectant to clean everything from food surfaces to children’s toys. This is problematic as now bleach is being linked to respiratory issues, birth defects, skin burns, nervous system damage, asthma, headaches, vomiting, and cancer.

Biosan is a completely natural advanced antiseptic and disinfectant that kills 99.99% of bacteria. Biosan replicates natural particles created by our own immune system in order to eradicate invasive organisms and fight infection. Biosan is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial liquid solution.


It's active ingredient is a natural bi product that is also produced by the human immune system to kill invasive organisms and fight infection. Sanify is produced using organic and natural materials, along with our special manufacturing process.

Completely 100% natural uses organic and natural materials

Compliant with UK and EU regulations and approved for human use

Completely non-toxic - safe for adults, children & pets


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