Is Mouthwash Bad For Your Health?

We all know that when we swish minty mouthwash around in our mouths we feel cleaner and more confident that we are removing odors and nasty germs. Unfortunately, the downsides that outweigh these advantages. For example, if you are one to suffer from a dry mouth or ulcers using a typical alcohol-based mouthwash can make these problems worse. Mouthwash containing alcohol actually dries out the tissue in the mouth as they evaporate. This may lead to a minty mouth but an irritated one too.

Another disadvantage of using an alcohol based mouthwash is when you consume soda, red wine, coffee and tea, these favourite and enjoyable beverages will actually stain your teeth more easily. The alcohol in the mouthwash means that your teeth and gums are losing When you lose your protective mucus and saliva, this can actually lead to an ongoing cycle where your teeth build up plaque more easily causing decay and bad breath and a faster rate.

Commercial mouthwash is especially bad for you because in order to make them shelf stable, manufacturers add acidic stabilising agents. This acid will eat away at your tooth enamel making you more at risk of decay.

Away from the alcohol and acid, there are artificial food dyes being used in most over the counter mouthwashes. For example, Cool Mint Listerine contains the dye Green 3. This has been linked to bladder cancer.

If you want to avoid harmful acids and long term issues, opt for Biosan’s mouthwash. It’s completely natural and powerful, enabling you to feel clean and refreshed without added dangers.